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For a limited time, That Geek Gallery is offering our very own That Geek Gallery Mystery Vault! Delivered right to your mailbox, a box filled with 6-9 items, several of which guaranteed to be out-of-print vintage items.

You collect comic books? How about a classic DC Superman from the 1980s? Or a Spectacular Spider-man! How about an authentic Bob Layton comic book? Or a McFarlane Toys Walking Dead figure, or an authentic Star Wars figure from the 1990s?

All these and more are in our inventory, and we’re itching to put them in boxes to ship out to you. We’ll carefully price each and every item we ship to make sure that every box exceeds the $30 we’re asking for them.

Is this just any subscription box? Heck no! No two of our boxes will be the same. If you want, we’ll even let you buy two boxes and we can 100% guarantee their content won’t be identical. Will another sub box do that?

To top that off, if we get 25 orders, five of the boxes (randomly selected) will contain a bonus item. If we fill our total of 50 orders, in addition to five bonus items we will send out a valuable signed item to one lucky customer!

Mystery Vault
Just some of the merchandise that will appear in our Mystery Vaults!

Still not convinced? Well, we grabbed a bunch of our merchandise together for a quick photo just to show you what you might get! In this photo you see:

  • Star Wars action figure by Kenner from 1995! (C-3P0 is pictured)
  • A DC Comics comic from the 1980s
  • A Marvel Comic from the 1980s
  • A modern day Doctor Who Comic from IDW
  • A Pokémon Ball with a Pokémon Decal and various Pokémon figures
  • LEGO Minifigures
  • Funko Pop (Morgan from The Walking Dead is pictured)
  • Dungeons & Dragons bow tie
  • Umbrella Corp Pin
  • Pokémon cards (we have cards from base sets all the way up to Sun&Moon)
  • Magic:The Gathering cards (from all kinds of different sets!)
  • Tons of high quality, waterproof, geeky vinyl decals

Our That Geek Gallery Mystery Vault is reasonably priced at $30.00 USD plus $5.00 domestic shipping, $12.00 international. We estimate the value of each box will be at least $50 and maybe as much as $70! Considering the collectible value, a year from now they could double in value!

Notes: Currently we use PayPal as payment for the Mystery Vault. If you do not have a PayPal account, the PayPal site will prompt you for your preferred credit/debit card information.

Mystery Vaults will not ship until July 24, 2017. Please order before July 23 in order to be guaranteed a July Mystery Vault!

Thank you, everyone for participating in our July 2017 Mystery Vault! However, you’ve been so great we’ve decided continue to accept backorders for the July box and we’ll get them out as we have time. Soon we’ll open up ordering for August! Keep watching this space!

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Showing all 2 results